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Welcome to ARG!, producers of cartoon animations, hand-drawn whiteboard "explainer" videos, 3D CG, Maya & Blender, thousands of funny cartoon GIFs, games and apps. We've been doing this a really long time, so whatever you need, ARG! can animate it. Our award-winning director Artie Romero and the ARG! team are creative, professional and enthusiastic.   more...

ARG! is producing animation for movies, TVAdventures of Turtle Taido, websites, apps, games and more, including hours of ultra high definition (4K) animation. Our studio has recently animated several seasons of a TV series for children, Muyiwa Kayode's Adventures of Turtle Taido, first broadcast throughout Africa, and now showing on Amazon Prime Video.   more news...

But it's not about us, it's about your needs. We would love to hear about your project, and we want to help you realize your creative vision. Ready to get started? Email or call us and you'll get Hollywood quality animation at Oklahoma prices. Cowabunga!

Can't find it? We moved our site from to, so here's our helpful site map. Our previous site's content is all still here, just moved around a bit:,,, and A startup that makes virtual reality games and apps, Artie Inc bought our original 1996 domain name (just the domain!) in 2018, and we took the opportunity to eliminate our subdomains. Please update your links and favorites to Thanks!

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