Rick Berry is an accomplished oil painter, draftsman, and a pioneer in new media. In 1984, he created the world's first digital cover illustration for a work of fiction, William Gibson's Neuromancer. He left school at age 17 to begin a career in underground comics. After hitching east to Boston from Colorado, he shifted his artistic focus and has produced hundreds of illustrations for books, magazines, games, CDs, and comics. In addition to illustration, Berry's early experience in the print production trenches of comics has evolved into specialty editions design work, and has sent him to some interesting places. He was flown to Hong Kong in 1993 to supervise presses and advise the Chinese on current electronic press capabilities.... in english. His fine art work can be seen in galleries internationally and on the world wide web at http://www.braid.com

In 1991, Communication Arts showcased several of Berry's oil paintings from Peter Straub's Mrs.God.

This year's distinctions include: Best Book Cover, 9th Annual Publish Design Contest; selected works in The History of Science Fiction Art by Vincent DiFate, Penguin Art Books; Society of Illustrators Traveling Exhibition - Illustration: Past, Present and Future; Computer Art and Design Annual from Print; the Society of Illustrators premier of The Digital Show; Gold Medal Winner in 1997 Spectrum Art Annual; and he is a featured artist in Omni Magazine's Dark Echo world wide web literary site.

Berry has an abiding interest in collaborative work, and, in 1993, joined with Phil Hale to produce Double Memory, an 110 page book that Straub called "...a dazzling achievement...". Berry and William Gibson worked together again in 1995 when Braid Media Arts (Berry, Darrel Anderson, and Gene Bodio) designed and executed the CGI cyberspace climax of TriStar Productions' (Sony Pictures) film, Johnny Mnemonic. The sequence was featured in SIGGRAPH's animation revue, 1996.

Berry teaches Digital Art: A Collaborative Approach at Tufts University, as well a conducting lectures and workshops at colleges and corporations nationally on the nature of creativity.

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