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wears many hats. He is a freelance illustrator, an artist and production associate at IDIG, Inc., a contributing editor to New Media Magazine, a contributing writer to MacUser Magazine, and a freelance technical writer. He has written on diverse topics, including multiprocessor computing, digital video, and all manner of computer graphics software. His most recent project has been producing special visual effects for the movie SPAWN, released August 1, 1997 by New Line Cinema. He and his cohorts at IDIG are currently co-authoring a book, "Photoshop Channel Chops," for New Riders Publishing about advanced uses of channels, interchannel imaging methods and professional compositing, to be released in late 1997. Originally from the state of Maine, he studied art and writing at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His first multimedia job was helping to assemble a multimedia kiosk for the Ancient Egypt collection at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. He later became a teaching assistant at the Kodak Center for Creative Imaging, the computer specialist and post-Production assistant for a Pittsburgh video production house, and consultant to a surgical imaging firm. Relocating to San Francisco, he has worked on several commerical CD-ROM products, as well as freelance illustrations that include CD packages, video box covers and editorial illustration. His current freelance clients include 21st Circuitry Records and Gulture Enterprises. Working at IDIG, he has produced graphics for many World Wide Web sites (including the infamous Surfing Monkey, which hosts the highly-acclaimed Dead Man Talking page) and co-authored many software and hardware reviews with David Biedny. His other interests include playing the guitar, his personal artwork, creating electronic music, gaming, and storytelling/narrative. Nathan can be reached at

The artwork featured here is a combination of personal work and CD cover illustration. All works are a combination of traditional art media and digital imaging. All artwork ©1998, Nathan S. Moody. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication of any image contained herein is a violation of international law.

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