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The Inner Circle: Revisited

ClickMedia is a freeform showcase for the talents of digital artists. Originally conceived and built by a team of enthusiastic creative people, it is now being maintained by a couple of web monkeys for the heck of it in their spare time. Hey, if you want content, we got quite a bit here and we're always interested in help and additional portfolios; however, due to time considerations, we cannot guarantee prompt placement or significant upgrades to this site in the near future. It's essentially free web space for you to put up some of your art (we reserve the right to refuse or omit part or all of any content submitted), so we expect you to do all the elbow grease to put your art together.

If you have suggestions, comments or art you wish to submit, click the link below. Once again, we cannot promise a prompt reply, so don't keep checking your mailbox to see if we have.

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