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July 21, 2017 Jaime, Gilbert and Mario Hernandez, creators of the comic book series Love & Rockets, celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, are featured in this 52-minute episode of The Artie Show. The brothers discuss writing and collaborating on the breakthrough indie comics, working with Peter Bagge, growing up in Oxnard, Latino culture and much more. Shot by Artie in Denver at DINK 2017 with 3 cameras and edited at ARG! Cartoon Animation by Gretchen Piper... Enjoy!

NEWS: Artie's working on the first ARG! TV special, an episode of the syndicated independent film show Sprockets & Splices. Hosted by Artie Stick and The Splice Girls, the half-hour show will be broadcast in over 100 U.S. cities and will be available worldwide on Roku TV.

Also check out, now with more of Artie's life story.

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The Artie Show: Wayne White pt. 1
Uploaded November 21, 2015

Connie and Artie Romero drove to the University of Wyoming in Laramie on Friday the 13th to meet Wayne White and watch his giant puppet show in action. The result is this exciting episode of The Artie Show!
Update December 6, 2016:  See Wayne's magnum opus, Wayne-O-Rama!


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Colorado permaculture house

Uploaded Jul 24, 2013
Artie Romero guides you through a casual tour of the most unbelievable custom built home you have ever seen. The owner of the house created this work of art in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, at an undisclosed location. The background music is by Kevin MacLeod of, "Healing."              
Animaniacs producer Rich Arons

Uploaded Mar 6, 2011
Artie interviews Emmy Award winning Animaniacs producer Rich Arons. These two animation veterans have a fun and lively chat about Rich's animation career and his recent cartoons created just for YouTube.
A Turbie Tour

Uploaded Jan 20, 2012
Artie Romero interviews Rich Arons, author of Turbie the Turtle Duck. This is Rich's second appearance on The Artie Show. Want to see some of his recent cartoons? Check out Rich's YouTube channel.
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The Artie Show at the capitol

Uploaded Nov 18, 2011
ARG! associate producer Woodrow Martin plays a disgraced architect, ambushed by reporter Artie Romero as he visits the state capitol building grounds in Denver, Colorado. 100% improvisation!
John Trivelli, author, "Qbee" books

Uploaded Dec 30, 2011
Artie interviews children's book author John Trivelli, who tells us about his "Wanna Bee" book series. Since this interview was posted, John has rebranded his series with a new name, "Qbee."              
Eric Umenhofer, coffee roaster

Uploaded Dec 30, 2011
In this episode of The Artie Show, Colorado Coffee Merchants founder Eric Umenhofer talks about the coffee business and his techniques for roasting the best coffee.
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The Artie Show (radio version)

MP3 interviews from 2002-2008
Artie Romero reviews The Someday Funnies

Uploaded Dec 1, 2011
In this episode, Artie Romero reviews The Someday Funnies, a huge, oversized volume of comics tributes to the 1960s, edited by Michel Choquette. The hardbound book is a collection of 129 comic strips commissioned in the 1970s, and created by over 150 international creators. An amazing line-up of artists, writers rock stars and other celebrities are represented here, several of whom died during the long delay before its publication in 2011 -- for example the late Will Eisner, Jack Kirby, Harvey Kurtzman, Vaughn Bode, C. C. Beck, William S. Burroughs and Federico Fellini. The book has been widely criticized for Choquette's heavy handed editing and the poor coloring that was added to the strips, but it nevertheless stands as a monumental 1970s era collection of Sixties themed comics.              
Dec 20, 2002
Artie Romero was interviewed by students at Apple Web Design Academy, Coral Gables, Florida in 2002. - 16MB

Aug 23, 2008
Artie Romero on alternative energy. "This year we are paying significantly more for our food because of the amount of corn that has been going into ethanol." - 15MB

Aug 23, 2008
Arlon Bennett interview, a singer and songwriter whose style is folk/pop with a bit of a country feel. - 23MB

Aug 23, 2008
Donna Vessey on event management. Donna has worked with Jay Leno and other celebrities, and is a former character actress who shares some funny stories about filming TV commercials. - 13MB

Sep 27, 2008
Arthur Von Weisenberger on the subject of bottled water, from The Artie Show on KBZZ Radio, September 27, 2008. - 30MB

Sep 27, 2008
Eric Umenhofer of Colorado Coffee Merchants regarding his company's air roasted coffees. - 14MB

Oct 10, 2008
Internet Marketing 101 - Artie's quick SEO course for DIY. Using these techniques, our previous ARG! website got a billion hits in less than two years. Your results may vary, lol! - 20MB

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