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Canto One Dissolving Boundaries:

Beyond the Architecture of Photography

My involvement with digital imaging began ten years ago. I was intrigued by the rumors of the potential that the Macintosh had to offer as an artistic tool. I soon discovered that computer technology provided me with the opportunity to manipulate, edit and expand the photomontage format that I felt most suited my personal artistic expression. My work reflects my interest in both the Dada and Surrealist art movements, primarily in the use of the juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated visual elements. This methodology enables me to present an almost "cinematic" storyline based on the relationship of each of the vignettes within a particular piece. The computer has now offered me an even wider range of possibilities within the photomontage format. The technology has actually freed my range of expression and allowed an even more personal shaping of the symbolic elements I use in my work.

Canto Two
Canto Three
Canto Four

In my earlier work, I utilized "found" vintage or family photographs as a starting point for the final photomontage. In my more recent works, I experiment with different types of image processes using my own photography as a means to further strengthen the "finding of my own voice" through the presentation of "landscapes" that are charged with symbolism and emotion.

My art is a combination of myth, spirit, science and technology. I see myself as a modern alchemist, using silicon chips as a tool to transform electrical patterns into art. As I have indicated previously, my attempt to portray an element of mystery is the guiding factor in these works. The juxtaposition of the image elements hopefully serves as a catalyst for the viewer's recognition of her/his own inner processes. The computer does not destroy your soul as I once thought but rather has liberated a creative aspect of the self which might have otherwise remained undiscovered.

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As for copyrights, the images contained in my studio are intended for screen viewing only. Please do not use them in any other way. If you are interested in any other usage or would like to comment about my work, please email Diane at fenster@sfsu.edu