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Peter J. Sucy lives in rural Hamlin, New York with his wife Sandy, their four children (Weston, Anjoli, Kayla and Tessa) and their three dogs.

Mr. Sucy has been employed by the Eastman Kodak Company of nearby Rochester since 1974, where he currently manages the Digital Products Interoperability Lab and provides Macintosh based imaging systems expertise.

Peter earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1980 while working evenings at Kodak. In early 1984 he purchased one of the original Macintosh computers for his freelance photography business because, from the moment he saw one, he realized the tremendous impact the Macintosh would have as an artistic tool.

In 1985 he joined the newly formed Electronic Photography Division where he began to use his illustration talents to draft proposals for new products thus setting new standards for written documents within the company at a time when most reports were still being hand written. Desktop publishing was just becoming a buzzword of the time.

Advocating the move toward computer based imaging, he was responsible for some of the first digital imaging products developed by Kodak during the late 80's. One of his more successful product suggestions was the first printer driver for Kodak's award winning dye diffusion printer, the XL7700. The driver was a plug-in module for an exciting new software product he was then beta testing, called Adobe Photoshop.

Over the years he has served in a variety of roles within the various upstart digital imaging businesses including systems engineering, software design, product development, education, and technical support. As an instructor for the Professional Imaging Division during the early 90's Mr. Sucy established the first digital imaging training facilities at Kodak's Marketing Education Center and helped establish the Center for Creative Imaging in Camden, Maine.

These roles brought more access to new tools and technologies. He spent many late nights exploring every new software and hardware imaging product he could get his hands on. Over time he began to find ways these new tools could augment his traditional photographic tools. Some of the images he created eventually led to national exposure. His photo illustration work was featured on the Adobe Photoshop 3.0 CD ROM and his work has appeared in Computer Artist magazine and galleries around the country.

He admits that he has been fortunate during his tenure at Kodak in being able to find and even create positions that allow him to play with leading edge imaging technologies and find creative ways to utilize them. A feat that he says would be infinitely unaffordable were he trying to support his family solely as a freelance artist.

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