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Michael (the writer for the strip "SO YOU WANT TO BE A SUPER HERO".) and I had decided early on that the Purple Cloak would have a car. I couldn't wait to design it. I used a cross between the Dodge Viper meets the Bat mobile. The line art didn't look like much, but I knew that I was going to beef it up in PhotoShop. We call it the Purple Coupe. (What else would we call it??) I later put the Purple Cloak and his sidekick "Circus boy" in the picture using PhotoShop.

I did this picture a long time ago(1995) when I was doing the comic book STEALTH SQUAD, I would, on occasions do pin-ups of the characters. This one is of WAR BIRD flying over the city. ( I told you I like these shots) I picked this perspective to give the viewer a feel that they are up with character over the city. Artist should always try to involve the viewer when designing their artwork.

This was a "I'm bored. I want to draw something" project. I wanted to draw the Thing from the Fantastic Four, and Grunge From Gen-13. I sent it to Wizard magazine and they put it in their screen saver download area on their web site. I like drawing picture that show the difference in characters. This one, I wanted to also show Grunge using his mimic powers.

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