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This shot started out as a small doodle. I liked it, and decided to finish it. Ever since Superduperdude was created I wanted to do a" fly through the city" shot. I used a simple one point respective, and a fore shorten three quarter shot of Superduperdude. I colored it in PhotoShop. I always try and stay away from drawing things that look flat. i.e. front or side views. I like to give as many surfaces as I can on the building, showing as many sides of the different buildings in the shot.

I have to admit I was inspired by Alex Ross on this shot. It was a picture of Superman busting out of some chains. I beefed up Superduperdude, and showed more muscle definition to fit the cartoony style that I draw him in. I was happy with the end result, and it was fun to draw. That is what it is all about, isn't it?

This is my all time favorite shot of Superduperdude and the Purple Cloak. I wanted to show the difference in the builds and heights of the two characters. I had only drawn the Purple Cloak once before, and wanted to draw him some more to get a better feel for him. I penciled and inked the picture, and scanned it into the computer for coloring. I used more blacks on the Purple Cloak because he suppose to be a dark mysterious character.

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