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Artie Romero Is Our Featured Artist For
August 1997

In 1973, Frank M. Robinson wrote a short story titled "The Radio" about his encounter with dishonesty in the Haight of the late Sixties. My friend Rick Berry was planning to illustrate it. Richard didn't get around to it for a while, so I picked it up and knocked out this tempera painting in about two weeks. In Touch magazine published it in the summer of 1974. The original is 8.5 x 11" on masonite. It's actually two panels joined together at the top of the dark grey field, which is heavy graphite.

What can I say about psychedelic art. Stippling was something that I enjoyed, and I paid for it with nearsightedness. This image is titled "Big Bang," and it appeared on the back cover of the first printing of Realm 6 in 1976. Darrel Anderson and I hand-printed (silkscreened) the covers in our kitchen.

Sergio Aragones of Mad fame walked up to our table at the 1976 Berkeley Con, an underground comix confab, and said "Look at thees comic books weeth the hand-printed covers!" I was pumped. I also met Harvey Kurtzman at that con, and he sent me a cartoon afterward that I published in Scrabbis Treno Comics.

I call this "Nightmare." It's ball-point pen on paper, about 7 x 7". Science Fiction fans may recognize some George Barr influence in this piece, both in technique and in the reflective globules. It was drawn in 1971 or '72.

I became something of a radical during college in the early Seventies. This cartoon shows a slight shift in attitude as well as appearance.

Darrel Anderson and I did several covers for Eternity Science Fiction in the mid-Seventies. Darrel pencilled this one, and I inked it and did the red overlay in pencil. Shown below is the base art.

I very much admired Darrel's style of the day, and I wasn't alone in my admiration. When I published Darrel's work in Realm, we received great letters of praise from Michael Kaluta, Vaughn Bode and many others. Darrel continues to collaborate quite a bit, especially with Rick Berry.

I was inspired when I drew this in 1975; I was in love. I found a great old tree downtown for the heart of the illustration, then added the fantasy elements. It's brush and ink with white-out on paper, about 6 x 9". Ellie Youngblut, where are you now?

In the 1970s, I liked to paint landscapes. This is an impression of a view I had during a flight from Colorado Springs to Denver in the fall, when the scrub oaks look like Trix cereal. Do you see any psychedelic influence in this painting?

How about if I invert the colors...?

Some figure drawings from college, circa 1971-72. I learned a lot about drawing and anatomy in George Rose's classes at Southwest Missouri State University.

By now you might be convinced that I haven't done any art since the 1970s. Not true! I've channelled my creative energies into animation and multimedia. Also check out my comics, cartoons, and animations.

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