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Is a freelance illustrator who specializes in linoleum block, scratchboard and computer-generated illustration.  She has created work for advertising and editorial clients.        

Some say Barbara's work is bold, witty, humorous, playful, fresh, colorful, fun and whimsical.  She prefers to see it as a reflection of her obsession with medieval art and printmaking.  "The repressed, guilt-ridden deprivation of the middle ages is a perfect inspiration for my work," she says.  "I chose block-printing out of a compulsive desire for great difficulty in execution and an increased opportunity for personal pain."  No doubt her whimsical style is an over-compensation for a repressed, British-American upbringing.            

She enjoys an overabundance of boys, pets, fears and cold winters in Rochester, New York.  She considers them ideal for her tormented artiste persona.  "I really don't deserve to work for such prestigious clients because I figure it's sinful to get paid for doing something I enjoy so much."         

You can see more of her work at her personal web site -- http://home.eznet.net/~creative -- or at Iconomics site http://www.iconomics.com.          

Her list of clients include:  Agway, America West Airlines, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Bell South, Country Journal Magazine, Crowley, GMC, Helluva Good Cheese, Syracuse Symphony, Syracuse University, UPS, White Rain Shampoo, and Xerox.        

She'd love to hear from you.  E-mail her at creative@eznet.net.

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