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D. Henry (Henry Dentith) was born in Birmingham, England. He was

educated at an English Boarding School where typically, an interest in

Art is regarded as an aberration. He began a career in advertising,

which though uncongenial, provided a great deal of knowledge which

would prove valuable in later years- block making, typefaces,

lithographs, reproductions, etc.

Henry lived for several years in both West Africa and Singapore as an

overseas representative for his corporation. However, it was during

this tenure as overseas manager for the international firm of De la Rue,

that Henry was afforded the opportunity to visit the major art centers

and galleries in Europe. This, though valuable experience for an artist,

was less than helpful to a business career. The parting was amiable

and Henry returned to England and enrolled at the Sir John Cass Art

College in London.

Never overly fond of the English climate,Henry decided that he would

move elsewhere and begin in earnest the life of a professional artist.

He decided upon Israel and indeed, remained there for the next 21

years. In those intervening years, Henry became one of the country's

leading artists. His work can be seen in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem at

several major art galleries. After so many years in Israel, Henry left

for England to begin a series of oils reflecting the countryside of the

British Isles. It was a fortuitous move because Henry discovered by

chance that fourteen years earlier a work of his had been accepted into

the permanent collection of the world renowned Tate Gallery in

London. This fact was unknown to him because his name Dentith had

been misspelled in the Tate Catalog.

Attracted by the similarity of the California climate to that of Israel and

attracted as well by the wealth of new subject matter to explore, Henry

left England for California; he is fascinated by the beauty of this state.

Stated simply, Henry has fallen in love with California with its vast,

diverse and glorious beauty.

Henry's landscapes evoke a tranquility that transcends the clamor of

this modern day society. Henry feels unabashedly drawn to the

magnetism of the earth. This is strongly apparent as the viewer is

enticed into his works. Henry captures the grandeur of California in a

manner reminiscent of the Plein Air Painters of early California, yet

never loses his old world classicism.

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