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My career began with shooting beauty photographs for hair clients and fashion magazines. I never really considered doing anything else. Today, I still shoot a lot of hair pictures, particularly for Schwarzkopf UK Ltd and other PR clients. I also designed the Clipso Salon Web site, which is well worth a look.

My other activitities include writing articles on Adobe Photoshop for the UK's MacUser magazine and the British Journal of Photography. I am also a member of the Digital Imaging Group which is allied to the Association of Photographers.

Nearly always I do my own system retouching. This is because I'm very familiar with Photoshop and find it easier and quicker to do the image editing myself. Electronic image editing is something I use as and when required. But more and more these days I find myself proposing to clients that we use the computer to achieve a certain look, because that's the way my style is developing.


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