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Created for One-person show at WORDS & PICTURES MUSEUM 1997, Words & Pictures Museum, Northampton, MA. Tools: Photoshop, Infini-D, Illustrator. A 21" X 24" beautiful full-color print of this image (Unsigned $15.00 (US) / Signed $25.00 (US); $4.00 (US) Shipping & handling)
can be purchased direct-mail from:
140 MAIN ST.

PAUL MAVRIDES’ mid-century childhood in the United States of America predetermined the cynical tone of his entertaining, if somewhat depressing, work. His critique-laden comics, cartoons, paintings, graphics, performances and writings encompass a disturbing, yet humorous, catalog of the social ills and shortcomings of human civilization, exposing, exploring and exploiting the edge between truth and propaganda. He is best known for his bludgeon-like proselytizing on behalf of J.R. “Bob” Dobbs’ SubGenius Foundation, art and writing for Gilbert Shelton’s Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comic book series, and caustic black velvet paintings delineating various modern social and political disasters.

That said, Paul eagerly engages in all such activities as coloring, pasting, puzzle play and watching TV. His work shows an ability to make use of current events and he seems to thoroughly enjoy both easel and finger painting. Paul expresses much creativeness in these areas as well as in drawing. He uses scissors exceptionally well for a man his age.

He still has some trouble "buckling down" and it always takes him awhile to finish his work. His personal belongings are usually in a state of disorder. Paul needs to focus his attention on the subject at hand so that his mind doesn't wander so much.

Paul seems to have adjusted well to the routine of daily life, despite his late entry into the job force, going along with most of the expected social routines. During his first interactions with others, Paul always seems to be somewhat aggressive; however, Paul soon finds that they retaliate. This lesson learned, Paul makes friends and is generally accepted by society despite his natural tendency for instigating disruptions.

Paul's favorite activity is his outdoor play period where he portrays his favorite roles: space alien, anarchist radical or kooky artist. He displays good large muscle coordination while climbing the jungle gym, running and swinging.


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