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PAUL MAVRIDES — a partial resume


1997 April 10—June 1, Words & Pictures Museum, Northampton, MA
One-Person Show
Paintings, drawings, comic art, graphics, plates, assemblages

Commissioned 1992, Words & Pictures Museum, Northampton, MA

1991 October 31—December 3 / Studio Shelton—Paris, France
"Plastic Americana Trash "
Plates, paintings, drawings

1991 February 5—March 2 / SHOW N TELL Gallery—San Francisco, CA
"Velvet Paintings"
Paintings - two person show with Eleanor Dickinson

1990 July 6—July 29 / La Luz De Jesus Gallery—Los Angeles, CA
One-Person Show
"My Bad Trip"
Paintings, drawings, comic art, graphics

1990 January 10—April 10 / Psychedelic Solution Gallery—New York, NY
Group Show
"BEHOLD! Sacred Art of the SubGenius"
Paintings, drawings, comic art, graphics

1983 May / Sierra Hall, San Diego State University—San Diego, CA
One-Person Show
"Cheap Lurid Images"
Paintings, drawings

1982 August / INSTALLATION—San Diego, CA
One-Person Show
"No Signs of a Struggle"
Paintings, drawings, graphics


1985 November 5 / The Stone—San Francisco, CA
1985 November 15-16 / Alexandria Hotel-Los Angeles, CA
"ATOMIC SEANCE & DEVIVAL: West Coast SubGenius
Prophecy Crusade"
Co-produced, designed & directed w/ Doug Wellman, Doug Smith
Multi-media stage event involving performance, video, music & audience participation

1984 January 21-22 / Victoria Theater—San Francisco, CA
"NIGHT OF SLACK: 1st International SubGenius
World Revival Crusade"
Co-produced, designed & directed w/ Doug Wellman
Multi-media stage event involving performance, video, music & audience participation

1983 September 17-18 / YMCA Theater—San Francisco, CA
"The Post-Science Fair:
The Catastrophic Effects of the Release of Falsified Data
- Why We Know; What we know: What is Science?"
Co-performance & installation w/ Doug Wellman

1983 September 11-14 / The Mega-FisTemple—Little Rock, Ark.???
53-hour group performance

1981 November 20-24 / The SubGenius Foundation World Headquarters —Dallas, TX
"SubCon One"
Group performance

1979 November 22 / JETWAVE—San Francisco, CA
"COVER-UP BLOW OUT: Memorial Edition"
Co-produced and curated with Doug Wellman
Art, installation & performances based on the assassination of John F. Kennedy

___________________________________________________GROUP SHOWS

1994 December 30 —January 29, 1995 / Words & Pictures Museum - Northampton, MA
Paintings & drawings

1994 December 14 —January 29, 1994 / Psychedelic Solution - New York, NY

1993 September 25 —November 7 / Work Gallery — Costa Mesa, CA

1993 September 18—October 30 / Exit Art Gallery — New York, NY
1994 January 20 - February 20 / Massachusetts College of Art - Boston, MA
1994 April 15 - June 15 / Vancouver Art Gallery - Vancouver, BC
1994 July 7 - September 18 / Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina, Canada
Comics & drawings

1993 February 19—April 18 / Cartoon Art Museum—San Francisco, CA
Comics & paintings

1993 January 8—February 9 / Bess Cutler Gallery — New York, NY
Paintings & comics

1992 November 15—November 30 / Artist's Television Access — San Francisco, CA
Drawings & text

1992 November 1—November 24 / Trinity Church - San Francisco, Ca,

1992 October 9—November 9 / Words & Pictures Museum - Northampton, MA
Comic art & paintings

1992 February 15—March 15 / LACE - Los Angeles, CA
1991 March 15—June 15 / Center on Contemporary Art—Seattle, WA
"MISFIT LIT: Contemporary Comix"
Comic art & paintings

1991 October 24—November 30 / Ghia Gallery— San Francisco, CA
"A GRAVE SILENCE— From Hitler to Helms "
Comic art

1990 December 19—January 5, 1991 / Willis Gallery—Detroit, MI

1990 January 11—April 7 / Cartoon Art Museum—San Francisco, CA
"ZAP to ZIPPY — The Impact of Underground Comix"
Comic art

1990 January 2—February 28 / Pitt Gallery—Vancouver, BC
"God Needs A New Logo"
Graphic art

1988 January 30—March 5 / S.F. Arts Commission Gallery—San Francisco, CA
"Bay Area/U.S.S.R. Cartoon Arts Exchange"
Political comic art

1987 August 11—September 19 / S.F. Arts Commission Gallery—San Francisco, CA

1985 November / Twin Palms Gallery—San Francisco, CA
"Narrative Painting"

1984 October / Fort Mason—San Francisco, CA
Paintings done for Survival Research Labs
Installation & Performance

1984 October / Lucca Comic Festival—Lucca, Italy
Slide exhibition, paintings & comic art

1982 November / New York University—New York, NY
"The Radical Humor Festival"
Political comic art
Show toured to: Pittsburgh, PA; Saint Louis, MO;
Seattle, WA; San Francisco, CA

1982 June / Altar-Piece Gallery—San Francisco, CA
"The Anarchy Show"
Paintings, political comics, graphics
& drawings

1981 December / Gallery 1199—New York, NY
"Political Comics, Humor & Art: A Bread & Roses Exhibition"
Political comics

1980 June / Will Stone Gallery—San Francisco, CA
"Last Gasp Ten-Year Show"
Paintings, political comics

1979 August / Jetwave—San Francisco, CA
"Self Portraits"
Paintings, installation, graphics

_________________________________________________PUBLISHED WORK

Revelation X
by The SubGenius Foundation
1994, Simon & Schuster, New York, N.Y.
Writing, illustration, editing, design

The Book of The SubGenius
by The SubGenius Foundation
1983, McGraw-Hill Books, New York, NY
1987-1996, Simon & Schuster, New York, NY
Writing, illustration, design, layout

by the Butthole Surfers
1996, Capitol Records, Los Angeles, CA
Record illustration and design - Gold Record

by the U.S. Bombs
1996, Alive Records, Los Angeles, CA
Record illustration and design

by Deviants IXVI
1996, Alive Records, Los Angeles, CA
Record illustration and design

Silicon Embrace
by John Shirley
1996, Mark V. Ziesing Books, Shingletown, CA
Book Jacket artt & design

BAD DAY ON THE MIDWAY — “Dagmar’s Story”
CD-ROM by The Residents w/ Jim Ludkte
1995, Inscape, Los Angeles, CA
Computer graphic story

by Paul Mavrides
1992, Tundra Publishing, Northampton, MA
Sketchbook collection

Comic Book Confidential
Feature Film Documentary, directed by Ron Mann
1988, Sphinx Productions, Toronto, Ontario
Opening credits, poster art, advertising campaign

Television Film Documentary, directed by Ron Mann
1988, Sphinx Productions, Toronto, Ontario
Main title design, video package design, computer photo manipulation

Three-Fisted Tales of "Bob"
Fiction Anthology
1990, Simon & Schuster, New York, NY
Prose novella, cover illustration

High Weirdness by Mail
by Reverend Ivan Stang
1988, Simon & Schuster, New York, NY
Cover illustration

The Happy Mutant Handbook
Edited by Frauenfelder, Sinclair, Branwyn
1995, Riverhead Books, NY

The Assassination Please Almanac
by Tom Miller
Published 1976 by Regnary Press, Chicago, IL

Feature film, directed by Alex Cox
1987, Universal Pictures, Los Angeles, CA
Poster art, advertising campaign

by Rudy Wurlitzer
1987, Harper & Row, New York, NY
Cover illustration

by Joe Strummer
1987, Virgin Records, Los Angeles, CA
Front & back record jacket illustration

Cover-up Lowdown
Co-writer and artist with Jay Kinney
Syndicated political comic feature: 1976-1978
Collected edition 1978, R.O.P., Inc., San Francisco, CA

Ain't Love Grand.
by X
1985, Elecktra Records, New York, NY
Record jacket illustration

THE IDIOTS ABROAD: The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers
co-written and drawn with Gilbert Shelton
1987, Rip Off Press, Auburn, CA

Feature film, directed by Alex Cox
1984, Universal Pictures, Los Angeles, CA
Newspaper advertising slicks

The Nuclear Beauty Parlor
by The Nuclear Beauty Parlor
1983, N.B.P. Records, San Francisco, Ca.
Record jacket illustration and design

_______________________________________AWARDS & COMMENDATIONS

BEST FILM POSTER 1988 – Gold Plaque Award – Comic Book Confidential
Chicago Film Festival 1988

Work showcased with artist’s profile on “AMERICAN ORIGINALS”
ABC NIGHTLINE — November 25, 1993

Society of Professional Journalists -— March 14, 1996

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund — August 25, 1996

________________________________________ LECTURES

San Francisco Art Institute
University of California Berkeley
Stanford University
The Art Academy of San Francisco


Anarchy Comics; The Village Voice; The New Yorker; The San Francisco Chronicle;
Another Room Magazine; New Times of Arizona; The Stark Fist of Removal; HEAVY METAL; It's About Times; The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers; RE/SEARCH; New Comics Anthology; Processed World; Damage; Sluggo; Red Eye; Send Magazine; The Fringes of Reason; Street Art: S. F. Posters1977-1981; The Dammy Fine Times; WARTEN; SEMIOTEXT(E); Rip Off Magazine; Boxcar; Propaganda Review; VOX; FAD; Grateful Dead Comix; EXTRA!; STRIP AIDS U.S.A.; Conspire: To Breath Together; American Splendor; MONDO 2000; Smoke Signals; Death Cult Gum Cards; Dinosaurs Attack! Gum Cards; Best Comics of the 80's; Brought To Light—Thirty Years of Covert War; HECK; the Happy Mutant Handbook; BLAB!; POX; Real War Stories; Gnosis Magazine; ARISE: The SubGenius Recruitment Video; The Realist; High Times; Choice or Chance?; Filth; "Bob's" Favorite Comics; The San Francisco Bay Guardian;
Interview; Gauntlet; SPAWN, Real Stuff, New Media ; HYPNO and SKULL FARMER.

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