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The 18 paintings exhibited here are part of a much larger collection of digital work dating from last month back to late 1991.

Some thoughts...

My digital paintings are inspired by a combination of my traditional work, travel encounters, life experiences, emotional discharges and years of photographic resource material. All were created from scratch, starting with a blank white screen (no scans or photographic cloning techniques are used). Each painting begins with a compositional sketch drawn directly on the computer in Fractal Design Painter, using either a digital pencil or digital pastel brush. By choice, I work in very much the same way as I did with traditional artist mediums like oils and watercolors. This feels very natural to me. My art is not about creating digital images. It's about creating art, in whatever medium I choose to work.

I'm not a fast painter. In fact, I'm not much concerned about time when I paint. I often lose complete track of it while creating, finding myself in a very peaceful, focused and self-absorbed little world. It's not unusual for me to find that 10 -12 hours have passed at a sitting. Most of the paintings have taken weeks to create. The techniques I use would be considered slow and painstaking by most digital artist's standards. I have no short-cuts to share. The paintings I create are more personal challenges to my skills as an artist and are not commercial products, although I do commercial work through my business. This work is created just for me. It's how I communicate who I am and what I have to say to the rest of the world. Painting helps me keep everthing in my life in balance.

Dennis Orlando

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