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BIOGRAPHY (Revised 4/97)

Dennis Orlando is an award winning artist with over twenty years of professional experience. Dennis considers himself a "Tradigital" artist, creating traditional painterly images through the use of digital tools. His work is said to achieve a delicacy of expression unusual in digital art. Landscapes and still life's that capture the mysterious, evanescent quality of light in a way that clearly owes more to the impressionists than to computer science.

Orlando was trained at the Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia and Bucks County College in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Dennis was instrumental in setting up, one of the east coasts first, Macintosh based creative/production agencies. He has a diverse background as a fine artist, graphic designer, art director, creative director, adjunct professor and web designer. He is a co-founder and partner of SmallWorld Media Group, an award winning marketing communications company located in Ivyland, PA (north of Philadelphia) USA.

Dennis' paintings have appeared internationally in exhibitions, books, magazines, CD-ROM's, video's, calendars and on the World Wide Web. His work has been featured on TV in Boston, MA., been selected to appear in PRINT magazine, Macworld, Computer Artist, Publish, Computer Pictures, Multimedia Producer, NADTP Journal, CD ROM Today and IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications. Orlando's digital images are currently showcased in books by Peachpit Press, Rockport, MIS, Madison Square Press, SYBEX, Hayden and Graphic Sha, Tokyo, Japan.

Orlando's paintings have been exhibited nationally in shows in Boston, Chicago, Colorado, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Princeton and San Francisco. International shows include exhibits in Germany, Israel, England, France, Italy, Sweeden, Japan and Canada.

In December 1994, Dennis was awarded first prize in Computer Pictures Annual competition for the Fine Art 2-D category. In 1994 and 1995, work was selected as part of the winning entries in Fractal Design's Annual ArtExpo competition. In March of 1996, Dennis' work was selected by PRINT magazine as a winner in the Digital Art & Design Annual and received a Certificate of Excellence. Also, in March of 1996, Encore Images and Fractal Design selected Dennis' work to appear in a special "first of its kind" exhibition in Silicon Valley, CA. In January 1997, Dennis' work was purchased by the Scitex Corporation for it's corporate collection in Israel.

Some of the commercial clients Dennis has worked with over the years include: Agfa, ARAMARK, American Stores, Arm & Hammer, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Burroughs Wellcome, Eli Lilly, Merck, Penn National Insurance, Prudential Insurance, SmithKline Beecham, Teva Pharmaceuticals USA and The Barnes Foundation.


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EXHIBITIONS (Since 1994)

DIGIPAINTING '97 Exhibition, Echoes from the third Millennium, Rome, Paris and Milan
ART INSTITUTE GALLERY, Digital Art Exhibit, Phila, PA January 97
COMPUTER FINE ART EXHIBITION, Award of Excellence, Free Libary of Phila, PA Dec. 96
IRIS PRINT SHOW, IRIS Graphics, Inc. Corporate Gallery, Bedford, MA April-May 96
ENCORE IMAGES: Iris Print Gallery, Special Exhibition, Los Gatos, CA April-May 96
DIGITAL REVISION: 50 years after the ENIAC, Silicon Gallery, Philadelphia, PA Feb 96
THE ELECTRONIC MUSE, Framingham State College, Framingham, MA Feb 96
CALIFORNIA ARTS COUNCIL: Governors Council on the Arts #7, Los Angeles, CA Feb 96
SEYBOLD, ArtExpo Exhibition Gallery, Boston, MA Feb 96
NEW PARADIGMS: Digital Dialects II, Creiger-Dane Gallery, Boston, MA Jan 96
MACWORLD EXPO, ArtExpo Exhibition Gallery, San Francisco, CA Jan 96
SEYBOLD, ArtExpo Exhibition Gallery, San Francisco, CA Jan 96
SLEETH GALLERY, ArtExpo Exhibition Gallery, West Virgina Wesleyan College, WV Dec 95
AMERICAN GREETING CARD COMPANY, ArtExpo Exhibition Gallery, Cleveland, OH 95
911 GALLERY: Traditional Images, Untraditional Tools, Solo Show Indianapolis, IN Sep 95
SILICON GALLERY, ArtExpo Exhibition Gallery, Philadelphia, PA Sep 95
MACWORLD EXPO, ArtExpo Exhibition Gallery, Boston, MA Aug 95
THE WILLIAMS GALLERY, Princeton, NJ March 95
MACINTIME, ArtExpo Exhibition Gallery, Milan, Italy Mar 96
CEBIT, ArtExpo Exhibition Gallery, Hanover, Germany Mar 95
MACWORLD EXPO, ArtExpo Exhibition Gallery, Tokyo, Japan Feb 95
CALIFORNIA ARTS COUNCIL: Governors Council on the Arts #6, Los Angeles, CA Feb 95
WINTER OF LOVE, the Filmore, Computer Pictures Exhibition, San Francisco, CA Jan 95
STATE OF THE ART: Two person show, Silicon Graphics, Philadelphia, PA Dec-Jan 94-95
MACWORLD SWEDEN, ArtExpo Exhibition Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden Nov 94
SIGHTBYTES: Computer Graphics Expo, Computer Artist, London, England Nov 94
RAMS, ROMS & RAINBOWS, James A. Michener Art Museum, Doylestown, PA Oct 94
MACWORLD EXPO, ArtExpo Exhibition Gallery, Toronto, Canada Oct 94
VISCOM 94, Sightbytes Computer Graphics Expo, New York, NY Oct 94
MACWORLD GERMANY, ArtExpo Exhibition Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany Oct 94
SIGHTBYTES, Computer Graphics Expo, Mariani Gallery, Greeley, CO Oct 94
SEYBOLD, ArtExpo Exhibition Gallery, San Francisco, CA Sept 94
SEYBOLD, Sightbytes, Computer Graphics Expo, San Francisco, CA Sept 94
ANSEL ADAMS PAVILION, Wacom Tech. Exhibit, Seybold, San Francisco, CA Sept 94
SIGGRAPH 94, ArtExpo Exhibition Gallery, Orlando, FL Jul 94
MACWORLD EXPO, ArtExpo Exhibition Gallery, Boston, MA Apr 94

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