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Don Mangan

Written by Michael K. Willis

DON MANGAN (Artist) is a talented and dedicated painter and illustrator drawn to this enterprise by the desire to share his work to a broader and more knowledgeable audience (that's you, friend :-)

Born in the cool northwest air of Oregon (on a May day in the mid-sixties) he has found a home in the cooler Rocky Mountain air of Colorado where he lives with the greatest inspirations in his life: his beautiful wife and his two precocious sons.

Artwork by Don Mangan

He also draws inspiration from the art of "old masters" like the legendary Frank Frazetta as well as such tremendous talents as ace Calvin & Hobbes cartoonist Bill Watterson and comic book "young turks" like Sam Kieth and Marc Silverstri.

He thinks that artists...both established and, especially, young and upcoming...should share and network and learn from each other as much as possible and he hopes and expects that this enterprise will provide a forum to do just that. To all and sundry, he offers this bit of everyday wisdom: "Don't bite your nails when you draw, you might get lead poisoning."

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