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The reason I choose Pencil over Color was for the speed of it, while retaining form and shape. Then there the fact that I really enjoy pencil work.

The Gargoyle's show from Disney is where this idea started. but I wanted a more realistic look.

To help him appear more imposing, I wanted the viewer to have to look up and get the feeling that he is ready to jump down on them.


I enjoy drawing pictures of what I call cartoon fantasy. This one was done in preparation for a painting that I never got around to do. I'm kind of fascinated by lizards and dinosaurs, so I wanted the critter to ride one.

I usually use very little or no backgrounds, to avoid a cluttered picture, and to help the view focus on the part of the drawing I want them to see. So I used the heads and skulls on the sticks because it frames the main character, and gives you the feeling that you don't want to mess with this guy.


This was a commissioned tee shirt where the client brought reference material to show all the parts & placement of the accessories.

All I had to do is put it all together.

The client was very happy with the final product.


This is a doodle gone crazy. I started out with a rough drawing of the girl and liked it enough to finish it. I later added the tiger to balance out the picture.


These were sketches for an animation I'm working on.

The squirrel was just supposed to be a wacky kind of guy that creates trouble and is sorta goofy.

The big guy is the heavy bad guy. I wanted him big and burly. The hairdo was added later.


This guy was done for my son who like T-rexes.

In an attempt to make it look younger I added the ball cap & sneakers.


These are all part of a model sheet for my character Space Pig. I need various expressions & poses. I like to just do a lot of different ideas so I can get a better feel for how this character might act.

Some pages from Don Mangan's sketchbook

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