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Sports reporter who tried to interview the losing team

"No Mood to be Interviewed"

Animated by Don Mangan and Artie Romero - 14K
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Casey - professional baseball's toughest hitter!
Flash cartoon - 56K Send ecard

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Animated baseball GIFs

Baseball player chasing a baseRunner chasing a base - 14K
Runner chasing the base larger - 15K
Casey at the ball - 45K
Casey dusted (large) - 59K
Casey dusted - 44K
Casey & the wrecking ball - 29K
Baseball blammo - 29K Crying baseball Large version with shadow - 6K
Crying baseball large version - 5K
Crying baseball small with shadow - 5K
Baseball sobbingBawling baseball small - 5K
Baseball crying on green - 5K
Baseball crying on green, small - 5K
Baseball sobbing still GIF, painted background - 9K
Baseball crying still JPEG, rounder ball - 30K
"Colorado Rockies" Cartoon
Large version, white on black background - 58K
Dancing "Colorado Rockies"
Large version, white on white - 63K
"Colorado ROCKIES" cartoon
Small GIF, purple on black - 45K
Dancing "Colorado Rockies"
Large version, purple on black - 58K
Dancing "Colorado ROCKIES"
Taller version, purple on black - 75K
Animated "Colorado ROCKIES"
Small version, white on black - 54K
Animated "Colorado ROCKIES"
Small version, white on white - 63K
Baseball bean ball - 5K
The autograph - 32K  Send this baseball cartoon as a greeting card!
Baseball kid animation, 177x189 - 3K
Baseball Kid, smaller, 124x132 - 4K
Baseball kid still picture, white bg 124x132 - 3K
Baseball runner 207x165 - 9K
Baseball runner 320x200 - 11K
Baseball runner running right - 207x165 - 9K
Baseball runner running right - 320x200 - 11K
Baseball runner - 7K
Baseball runner running to right - 7K
No mood to be interviewed - 14K

Baseball wallpaper (Web page backgrounds)

Baseball kid (GIF) - 3K
Baseball batter swinging wallpaper (GIF - Background of current page) - 6K
Baseball blammo wallpaper (GIF) - 1K
Baseball - "Casey at the bomb" wallpaper (GIF) - 7K
Baseball blammo wallpaper (smoked) (JPEG) - 3K

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