How to animate cartoons the ARG! way

Castle and Dragon by Artie RomeroImagine combining classic cel animation artistry with the best digital technology. At ARG! we begin with a storyboard, character model sheets, key poses and rough animation just like the animation masters of old, working on Cintiqs, special monitors combined with a graphics tablet, so we can draw directly on the screen. Working in Adobe Animate cc (previously known as Flash), Toon Boom, Maya, Blender, OpenToonz and other specialized programs, we quickly see our character in action, then proceed to clean up and color the work.

Paint backgrounds in Adobe Photoshop, model and render them in Autodesk Maya, or combine the virtual cels with live action footage. Then digitally composite your work in After Effects, edit in Adobe Premiere Pro and output a broadcast quality 4K, UHD or HD Quicktime movie. That's how ARG! does TV shows, commercials, motion picture animation, software/multimedia animation and more. Our core group started more than forty years ago, using cels and film. So we appreciate digital media!

Still from 'Clown Parade' by W. Kirk KennedyAll of ARG's work is ultimately digital, so multimedia comes naturally for us. Our cartoonists, animators, writers, audio engineers and graphics specialists use Macintoshes, Windows PCs and Unix workstations to bring life to animations.

ARG! is a full-service animation studio with more than 40 years of motion picture and TV screen credits. We deliver our work in all digital video formats, broadcast quality HD video, 4K (also known as UHD) and movie quality formats. In addition to our proprietary 2D systems, we use a digital sound effects library and many other great tools. Call or email us for a quote on your project today.

Animation student seeking an internship? Check out the ARG! Cartoon Animation Internship Program! If you're selected, ARG! will provide you with guidance, experience as a studio-trained animator, and when appropriate, screen credits. In the 26 years ARG! has been working with budding artists, many of our interns have gone on to careers in animation at studios like Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), Rhythm & Hues, Disney, Pixar and many others, working on blockbuster movies, TV shows, games and other cool projects.

"Good animation is not produced by machines or software. It is created by people who have studied life drawing for years, and understand how things look and how they move."
                -- Artie Romero
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