ARG! Dancing Alphabet

Dancing letter O (gif)

We at the ARG! Cartoon Animation studio drew and animated this dancing alphabet for free use on your non-commercial page that links to Medium-size red letters, like the one shown above, are linked below. You can also get some medium-size red numbers and punctuation marks. Get the complete collection in 12 color combinations, 5 sizes and commercial use license: ARG! Kartoon Kollection, offering CDs and bulk downloads (on sale now). Enjoy!

Producer: Artie Romero
Animator: Don Mangan, ARG! Cartoon Animation
Movements based on "Fat Dance" by ARG! animator William Kirk Kennedy (1953-2010)
Coloring: Janette Romero

Red dancing A

Red dancing B

Red dancing C

Red dancing D

Red dancing E

Red dancing F

Red dancing G

Red dancing H

Red dancing I

Red dancing J

Red dancing K

Red dancing L

Red dancing M

Red dancing N

Red dancing O

Red dancing P

Red dancing Q

Red dancing R

Red dancing S

Red dancing T

Red dancing U

Red dancing V

Red dancing W

Red dancing X

Red dancing Y

Red dancing Z

tiny color-cycling letters

Tiny color cycling letters


yellow letters and numbers
and GREEN letters

Numbers & punctuation  |  Dancing names  |  Dancing words  |  Letters on gray  |  Dancing word generator

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