ARG! dancing cartoon words

The ARG! studio made these dancing words from our copyrighted dancing cartoon alphabet. These GIFs are available for FREE use (see terms) on non-commercial pages that link to Get the dancing cartoon alphabet on CD or download thousands of GIFs with a commercial use license. Please save and upload these to your own Web space. Have fun!

And - 14K
Angel gold - 26K
Angel violet sm - 23K
Angel violet - 26K
Angel violet, tiny - 13K
Angel white - 26K red/black - 35K gold/black - 34K
Awesome green/black - 9K
Awesome pink - 38K
Awesome pink/black - 31K
Awesome yellow - 38K
Awesome yellow/black - 10K
Back to School - 30K
Business - 36K
California gold - 48K
California gold/black - 39K
California white - 45K
Cat - See dancing names
Click 8 GIFs
Click Here 15 GIFs
Cool red/black - 19K
Cool blue/black - 19K
Cool pink/black - 19K
Cool white/black - 18K
Cool white on pink - 23K
Dad - See dancing names
Dance dark blue - 26K
Dance green - 26K
Dance pink - 26K
Dance red - 26K
Deal 11 GIFs
animated word DEALS! (gif)
7 GIFs
Enter red/black - 20K
Enter small, white/black - 19K
Enter red/black - 21K
Enter gold - 25K
Enter gold/black - 20K
Enter red/gray - 27K
Enter red - 26K
Enter white/black - 20K
Fat blue - 16K
Fat green - 16K
Fat red - 17K
Fat white - 15K
For - 15K
Free 4 GIFs
Get Well Soon! red on blue - 57K
Get Well Soon! lt. blue on gold - 57K
Get Well Soon! red on white - 55K
GIFS red/black - 16K
GIFS green - 19K
GIFS green/black - 16K
GIFS red/gray - 21K
GIFS red - 20K
Happy Birthday white/black - 16K
Happy Birthday yellow/black - 16K
Happy Birthday red on blue - 19K
Happy Birthday gold on aqua - 19K
Happy Birthday red on white - 18K
Happy Easter - 47K
Happy Holidays green - 53K
Happy Holidays red - 59K
Happy Holidays tiny red - 29K
Happy New Year small - 50K
Happy St. Patrick's Day small - 52K
Happy St. Patty's - 56K
Happy St. Patty's small - 25K
Happy Thanksgiving - 73K
Animated word HOME (gif)
green on white - 23K
Home small pink - 11K
Home yellow on white - 23K
Home Page sm. purple on white - 19K
Home Page sm. gold on white - 32K
Home Page sm. green on white - 27K
Hot! 10 GIFs
Hot Deals! 14 GIFs
I Love You (with a heart) 4 GIFs
I Love You gold/black - 34K
I Love You green/black - 34K
I Love You pink - 31K
I Love You orange - 34K
I Love You pink/black - 34K
I Love You white/black - 34K
I Love You yellow/black - 34K
Jazz - See dancing names
Jesus blue on white - 26K
Jesus green on white - 26K
Jesus pink on white - 26K
Jesus red on gray - 27K
Jesus red on white - 26K
Jesus yellow on white - 26K
Joy - See dancing names
Kewl green on white - 22K
Kewl green/black - 18K
Kewl red on white - 23K
Kewl white/black - 17K
Kitten - See dancing names
Mom - See dancing names
NEW! blue - 18K
NEW pink - 17K
NEW orange - 17K
NEW purple - 16K
NEW small red - 12K
NEW red - 17K
No green - 13K
No green/black - 13K
No red/black - 13K
No red on white - 13K
No white/black - 13K
No white on pink - 13K
No white on red - 13K
No white on white - 13K
No yellow - 13K
No yellow/black - 13K
OK red/gray - 13K
OK red/black - 10K
OK red - 13K
OK white - 12K
OK white/black - 14K
PTA gold/black - 17K
PTA gold on white - 14K
PTA green/black - 14K
P.T.A. red on white - 18K
PTA green on white - 18K
PTA large red/black - 40K
PTA lg. yellow/black - 40K
PTA med. yellow/black - 31K
P.T.A. blue on white - 20K
Rad blue on blue - 19K
Rad gold - 18K
Rad green/black - 15K
Rad pink - 18K
Rad pink/black - 15K
Rad red on white - 18K
Real Estate - 49K
River - See dancing names
Rock green - 18K
Rock red/gray - 24K
Rock red - 19K
Rock and Roll black background sm - 22K
Rock and Roll red/black - 43K
Rock and Roll green - 50K
Rock and Roll green sm - 27K
Rock and Roll green/black - 41K
Sale gold - 19K
Sale gold/black - 16K
Sale green - 20K
Sale green/black - 17K
Sale red - 20K
Save green - 21K
Shake red - 27K
Shake It red - 36K
Shake It yellow - 35K
Shake It Up red - 47K
Shake It Up red/black - 39K
Shake It Up yellow/black - 39K
Sis - See dancing names
Save red - 21K
Surf blue - 22K
Surf blue/black - 18K
Surf gold/black - 17K
Surf red/gray - 22K
Surf red on white - 22K
The End blue/black - 25K
Animated words The End
The End
blue on white - 9K
The End light blue on pink - 32K
The End red/black - 25K
The End yellow/black - 25K
USA/black - 15K
USA on white - 17K
Welcome red/black - 37K
Welcome gold - 11K
Welcome red on white - 11K
Woo Hoo gold - 35K
Woo Hoo gold/black - 9K
Woo Hoo gold on pink - 11K
Woo Hoo gold on red - 37K
Woo Hoo red on white - 11K
Word gold/black - 18K
Word red/gray - 23K
Word pink - 22K
Word pink/black - 18K
Word red on white - 23K
Yay blue-grey/black - 15K
Yay blue-grey on white - 18K
Yay gold/black - 14K
Yay pink/black - 15K
Yeah green/black - 18K
Yeah green on white - 23K
Yeah light blue/black - 19K
Yeay red on white - 23K
Yeay pink on white - 22K
Yeay orange - 22K
Yes green/black - 17K
Yes red on white - 17K
Yes yellow - 17K
Yes yellow/black - 17K

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