How to download and use animated GIF images

To use ARG! animated GIFs, you must save the animated image so you can use your own copy. Here are some detailed instructions:

  • Point your mouse over the animation
  • Right click the mouse button and select "Save this Image as..."
  • Left click "Save," to save it on your computer or device

On some devices, you can drag and drop the animation off the browser window to save it.

Place your copy of the animation on your Web page the same way you can place any image. You do not need anything extra to make it animate for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

How to place it on your page:

For instance, if we wanted to use "arg-red.gif" on our web page...

  • Put the image in the same directory with your page
         (Note: If the image is in another directory you must state the directory in the path.
         such as: <img src="DIRECTORY_NAME/IMAGE.GIF">)
  • Put a line on your HTML code that says       <img src="arg-red.gif">

It really is that easy. You can view the file offline in most browsers (Chrome, Safari or MS Edge).

Terms of use for ARG! Cartoon GIFs include giving the ARG! site at a link on your site. But please don't link directly to any particular animated image (that does not work, anyway, and even if it did, it causes unnecessary work for our server). Please download the animation and upload it to your own Web space.

We suggest that you use the animations sparingly. Having too many on the same page may cause problems and can certainly make concentration difficult.

If you have trouble with Web page coding (HTML), many sites offer free help and tutorials. There is also a lot of great WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) web editing software in the marketplace. Many volunteers offer help as well.

How to use animations in e-mail:

  • In Microsoft Outlook Express (the most common e-mail program) first start to write an e-mail, then go to the "Insert" menu and select "Picture." Then by "Picture Source," click on the "Browse" button. Find your desktop and the animation you wish to insert. Repeat for each image or animation you wish to add.
  • This also works using Microsoft Outlook. We suggest you try running Outlook in a small window and opening the CD ROM in a small window. Depending on the version, you may be able to drag the individual letters from one window to the other, and drop them right into place in your e-mail.
  • In other programs, check your program's documentation ("Help" menu) and search for information about inserting images. More and more software supports "drag and drop" which is by far the easiest way to add pictures. Animations are just pictures with timed layers. Thank you once again for choosing ARG! Cartoon Animation.
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