April Fools Day GIFs

April Fools' Day animation: Dumber plumber

Dumber Plumber
- 31K
GIF animation by Artie Romero and Rebekah Failla
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Mr. T in "I pity the fool!" 2D cartoon - 221K

Elvis puke, drunken fool, 2D - 648K
Elvis Pukes GIF - 62K
Drunk Elvis puke large GIF - 187K
April Fool small pink dancing - 32K
April Fool large yellow - 36K
April Fool white - 35K
April Fool violet - 36K
Oh yeah, It's April Fools Day Stupid plumber, leaking pipe - 31K
It's April Fools Day plumber - 76K
It's April Fools Day still GIF - 55K
Small dancing words April Fools - 40K
Dancing "April Fools" - 41K
Dancing April Fools, green letters on black - 67K
Dancing April Fools, large yellow - 41K
"I pity the fool!" "Mr. T" raises fist - 44K
"I pity the fool" "Mr. T" large GIF animation - 105K
The April Fools, dorky April fool with tongue sticking out, "The April Fools" - 43K
Animated text: "APRIL FOOL!" - 62K
April Fool! faster - 62K
"It's April Fools Day!", slobbering dog - 22K
It's April Fools, Still cartoon, gross dog slobbers - 64K
"It's April Fools Day", slobbering dog - 26K
Slobbering Dog, still cartoon - 4K

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