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Will uncle Harry ever quit? - 40K
Dr. Kevorkian in "The doc is in" - 84K
Halloween vampire - 152K
Halloween zombie! - 198K
Boo! - 97K
Spooky Halloween message - 48K
Spooky Halloween message (no laughter) - 40K
Jack-O-Zut Jack-o-lantern blows a raspberry - 308K
Red skeletoon - 244K
The Devil: "Wish you were here" Cartoon devil beckons - 117K
The Devil: "Hoping to see you soon" - 119K
The Devil: "Have a hell of a birthday" - 118K
animation: The famous Mr. DeadThe famous Mr. Dead - 109K
The Devil beckons no sound, by William Kirk Kennedy (1953-2010) - 44K
Thanksgiving turkey hunt - 253K
Turkey chop! Interactive Thanksgiving cartoon - 43K
Turkey day card Thanksgiving - 47K
The Pandas: "Pandah-kah" Hanukkah animation
The Pandas: "Grandpa no pants"
Sirloin for Santa Ho ho humbug! - 200K
Help Santa get dressed, interactive Flash cartoon - 151K
Santa Claus chase! - 36K
Santa Claus animationSanta overture, opus 9, 3 minutes - 522K
Santa stuck in chimney - 103K
Ho ho hot tub! Santa soaking - 116K
Weirdo Santa - 367K
Texas chainsaw Santa Outrageous! - 35K
Carol of the numa bells! Funny Christmas song - 559K

Drunken greetings! New Year's - 324K
Cupid's revenge, Valentines Day - 65K
The one i'd love funny Valentine - 51K
Valentine clown - 55K
Dr. Kevorkian: "Happy Valentines Day" - 45K
Mt. Rushmore stooges President's Day - 126K
St. Patrick's Day: drink responsibly by Kennedy - 158K
Irish luck - 68K
Leprechaun dance - 40K
Leprechaun with green beer St. Patrick's Day - 84K
Fancy leprechaun dance in a pub - 388K
I pity the fool! April Fool's Day - 221K
Elvis puke, drunken fool April Fool's day - 648K
Casey: Baseball's toughest hitter - 56K
Peter Rotten Tail needs anger management - 47K
Easter Egg grunt - 72K
Chicken Choke grrross Mother's Day cartoon - 185K
Whistler's Momma - 65K
Old Mother Hubbard, outrageous Mother's Day - 157K
Congraduations! funny graduation - 249K
4th of July weenies & firecrackers - 218K
Back to School... or FREEDOM? by Don Mangan - 278K
Prince Joe animation Prince Joe
Do unto others... - 374K
Rough on roofers! Want to measure a roof?
Presidential crap shoot Obama/McCain debate - 1.1 MB
Krazy Kuzins' "The Thunderstorm", kids hip hop - 4.1 MB
Goldzinger! Secret agent reporter parody - 699K
That trick never works - 65K
Blow you a kiss! eCard - 41K
Eunuch the Cat - 58K
runaway brain animationRunaway Brain! - 295K
Flasher! interactive cartoon - 35K
The laundry rap - 108K
Love story 1: "gas station" - 705K
Love story 2: "together forever" - 89K
Snotball shooting game - 47K
Funky monkey on the savannah - 161K
Running dog - 81K
Croakie the frog "hopping to see you soon!" - 12K
Croakie "sorry I jumped to conclusions" - 12K
Funk soul rubber - 28K
ARG! home page animation, 2007-2014 by Don Mangan - 53K
"Flash toys" - 64K

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