Dragging Ass (2011)

In 2010, ARG! was contracted by New York ad agency The Creativity Zone to produce the storyboards and animation for this funny 60-second TV commercial. The product in the spot is Gamma Labs' Pre-Training Formula (PTF). It took more than five months and quite a bit of money to produce. It's aired nationally in the U.S. on cable channels, and appeared on Jumbotron screens in Times Square, Madison Square Garden and other sports venues.

Client: Gamma Labs
Agency: The Creativity Zone
Director: Aron Laikin
Producer: Artie Romero

Associate Producer: Woodrow Martin
Key Animator: Don Mangan
Sound design: Gaylen Morse
Storyboard/animatic: Don Mangan
Backgrounds: Arturo Vila
Video editor: Tim Romero

Don Mangan
Artie Romero
Nasser Alqirsh
Woodrow Martin
Ryan Lowe
Kevin Johnson
Olivia Rangel
Alegra Vasquez
Adam Salz
Michael Selser
Tim Romero
Arturo Vila
Giselle Miranda

Copyright 2011 © Gamma Labs

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