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Emmy nominationEmmy nominationAliens from planet Philo studied Earth by monitoring terrestrial television broadcasts. They believed that what they saw on TV was what Earth was like. They built an exact copy of Earth as they understood it, captured three children and placed them in the model. They tested the children's responses to a soap opera, a crime drama, an animated cartoon and commercials. The children's ultimate response was "TV isn't real!"

IMDbTV Planet is a four-part television movie that demonstrates media literacy concepts for students in upper elementary and middle school grades. Each segment spoofs various types of television programs, using humor to teach critical thinking and viewing skills. All the animation was produced by ARG! Cartoon Animation for Michael Spencer, producer at Rocky Mountain PBS. TV Planet was broadcast in the summer of 1999 and released on home video. It was nominated for a Heartland Emmy Award for Best Youth/Children's Program and won Best Animation at the Professional Film & Video Guild's annual awards.

Directed by Michael Spencer
Writers: Molly McGill and Michael Spencer

Jeremy Johnson as John
Doug Kaehn as Jack
Abby Perlmutter as Joyce

WorldCat® logo Executive producer: Dan Flenniken
Executive producer: Linda Rea
Producer: Michael Spencer
Costume designer: Eric Boyer
Character designer: Michael Spencer
Camera operator: Dave Kinney
Facebook® logo Animation producer/animator: Artie Romero
Animator/background artist: Jee Hoon Lee
Animator/background artist: Roy W. Smith
Assistant animator: Janette F. Romero
Costume assistant: Patricia Asteninza
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