Presidents Day GIF cartoons

Happy President's Day cartoon with eagle and flag

Eagle Swatted by flag
, says "Happy President's Day"
Animated GIF by Artie Romero and Rebekah Failla - 20K Send e-card

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Animated Cartoons

Mt. Rushmore Stooges, funny 2D Cartoon - 126K

Dancing American flag
Dancing American Flag

"Have fun, it's Presidents Day!" - 14K Send ecard

Dancing Flag Smaller - 9K

Eagle Swatted by Flag

Says "Happy Presidents Day" - 20K Send ecard

Eagle Swatted by Flag

Smaller version, "Happy Presidents Day" - 14K

Happy Presidents Day large bouncing sign - 6K

Bouncing sign smaller, yellow background - 6K

Happy Presidents Day bouncing sign, blue - 6K Send ecard

Bouncing sign, black and white - 10K

Dancing "Happy Presidents Day" green on black, large GIF - 70K Send ecard

Happy Presidents Day GIF, large, blue on black background - 70K

Happy Presidents Day Dancing letters, green on black - 50K Send ecard

Dancing "Presidents Day" Green on black - 31K

Dancing Happy Presidents Day big, dark colors - 38K

Dancing Happy Presidents Day small, dark colors - 27K

Happy Presidents Day
Dancing "Happy Presidents Day"

     ...Small GIF, white letters on black background - 28K

Happy Presidents Day Dancing letters, white on black - 38K

Lincoln Penny Blowing Raspberry full size - 3K

Lincoln Penny razz smaller - 4K

"Happy Presidents Day" Lincoln penny, soft shadow - 6K

"Happy Presidents Day" Lincoln penny - 6K

Lincoln penny sticking tongue out Slow, bright colors - 3K

Lincoln penny slower version - 3K

Still Cartoons (not animated)

"Have fun, it's Presidents Day!" Funny American flag - 8K

Mount Rushmore stooges
Mount Rushmore stooges
, President's Day JPEG - 30K

"Happy Presidents Day" Still cartoon - 8K

"Happy Presidents Day" Small graphic, 296x150 - 9K

"Happy Presidents Day" Eagle holding flag - 16K Send e-card

Lincoln Penny: Happy Presidents Day - 5K

Lincoln Penny: Happy Presidents Day Still cartoon GIF - 2K

"Happy Presidents Day" Penny with soft shadow - 6K

Lincoln Penny Still cartoon GIF - 2K

Wallpaper (Web page backgrounds)


      Lincoln Penny Wallpaper Web page background
as seen in this box - 2K (GIF)       

      Funny American Flag character - 1K (GIF)

      Happy Presidents Day large - 7K (GIF)

      Mount Rushmore cartoon w/ outlines - 25K (GIF)

      Happy Presidents Day small - 9K (GIF)


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