Valentine's Day Cartoons

Frog prince cartoon: Be my Valentine (gif)

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Frog prince cute animated cartoon GIF - 3K hearts gif

Frog prince "ready for a kiss" - 4K

Be my valentine frog prince wants a kiss - 18K Send e-card heart gif
Frog prince sitting on a lily pad, painted background - 19K
How about a little kiss? - 19K Send e-card
How about a kiss? blue bg - 18K
"I love you!" red heart gif - 28K
I love you (heart) GIF
"I love you!" white on white
- 28K
"I love you!" blue dancing letters - 28K
"I love you!" salmon & yellow - 28K
Funny Dr. Kervorkian valentine   flash - 45K
Cupid's revenge flash - 65K
Cupid's revenge! GIF version - 55K
The one I'd love   flash - 51K
Valentine clown   flash - 55K
Wink, pucker woman with chocolates - 3K
Wink, pucker pink background - 8K
hearts gif Happy Valentine's day woman with box of chocolates - 15K
Happy Valentine's day large version - 23K
Happy Valentine's day African-American woman - 23K
Thank you woman with chocolates - 10K
Thank you woman with chocolates - 19K
Thank You African American - 19K
hearts gif Pretty woman winks, smiles
Bettie winks
woman winks, smiles - 23K
Happy Valentine's day! still graphic - 8K
Love hurts mouse beans cat with brick - 21K
Love hurts larger - mouse hits cat with brick - 39K
You're too much! eye-popping animation - 66K
Arrow pops a heart - 9K
hearts gif I'M thrilled you're in my life! happy character walking briskly - 96K
Have I told you lately? artist unveils "I love you!" - 27K
Presenting my masterpiece... I love you! - 26K
You'Re bombastic (& fantastic!) bomb explodes - 25K
"I love you!" bouncing sign or card - 5K
hearts gif "I love you!" Marching clown beats a drum - 36K
"I love you!" hyper dancing letters - 34K
"I love you!" dancing pink letters - 31K
"Happy Valentine's day!" surgeon throws beating heart - 80K
"I love you!" Dragon flying in night sky - 25K
"I can't get enough of YOU!" Frog chasing a fly - 15K
hearts gif "Sweet as pie!" Girl gets hit with a pie - 37K
"The gorilla my dreams!" Gorilla sitting on bed - 28K
"I'm in love!" Cartoon guy floats on air - 22K
"I seek the key to your heart." Hand grabs for key - 25K
King character does handsprings (gif)
"I flipped for you!"
Cartoon king does handsprings - 38K Send ecard
"You're the King!" handsprings - 37K
"Rev up my motor!" Old car spins - 29K
Puppy Love Puppy holding flower, blushing - 5K
Puppy Love larger - 6K
I love you Jumps up, clicks heels - 17K
"Gosh, you sure is purdy" - 4K
I'm glad I found you! Sherlock Holmes parody - 43K
Wild about you! Guy in old car - 24K
hearts gif I've got my eye on you! Woman looking around - 49K
Wandering Eyes Woman - 43K
Gypsy Fortune Teller With a crystal ball - 21K
Beating Heart animation of a heart symbol - 6K
Pink heart beating - 6K
Red heart symbol still - 2K
Cupid animation
"Happy Valentine's Day!"
Lamb shoots arrow, large - 23K
Cupid shooting an arrow large background - 24K Send e-card
hearts gif Cupid shooting an arrow on white - 18K
Cupid shoots an arrow sunset background - 31K
"Happy Valentine's Day!" Lamb as Cupid on white - 19K Send e-card
Cupid shoots arrow on blue - 10K
Frog Prince Web page background - 2K
Pink Hearts Web background - 1K
Heart beating Web background - 6K

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