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Animated cartoon backgrounds

Classic heart beating - 6K
Soccer ball bouncing - 1K
Champagne bottle spurting - 5K
Snowman razz - 3K
Jack-o-lantern screams - 7K
Pumpkin fight - 7K
Pumpkin fight shorter - 6K
Basketball shot - 8K
Basketball toss smaller - 7K
Basketball toss variation - 8K
Egg gets colored - 4K
Dancing "Happy Easter" - 26K
"Happy Easter" no URL - 26K
Easter bunny in egg car - 10K
Beer mug filling up - 1K
Mugs filling with green beer - 1K
Dancing "#1 Dad" - 14K
#1 Dad small - 9K
#1 Dad small, wide - 10K
Dancing "Happy Fathers Day" - 43K
Happy Fathers Day small - 24K
Dancing "I love grandpa" - 35K
I love grandpa small - 17K
Shamrock spinning tilted - 4K
Spinning shamrock large - 6K
Shamrocks spin across down and left - 5K
Shamrocks falling small - 3K
Shamrocks spin across medium size - 6K
Shamrocks flying large - 5K
Rotating Christmas holly - 5K
Rotating holly spread out - 5K
Santa Claus winks big - 3K
Santa Claus winking small - 3K
Rosco in nightshirt, candle - 5K
Cooked turkey running - 2K
Turkey walking - 7K
Snow falling on blue - 42K
Snow falling on black - 8K
Snow fall light blue - 8K
Snow fall blue - 8K
Globe "Peace on Earth" tight - 10K
Globe, "Peace on Earth," spread out - 10K
Flying Christmas doves "Seasons Greetings" - 5K
Christmas doves small - 5K
Christmas wreath - 5K
Christmas wreath small - 4K
Dizzy candy stripes - 1K
Joggers - 5K
Joggers small, running right - 4K
African-American joggers - 5K
Black cat - 4K
Black cat spread out - 4K
Black cat small - 4K
Black cat small, no tail motion - 2K
Black cat no tail flick - 2K
Floating ghost - 3K
Floating ghost slow - 3K
Floating ghost spread out, slow - 3K
Floating ghost loose - 3K
Jack-o-lantern zut - 7K
Jack-o-lantern zut spread out - 7K
Jack-o-lantern zut small - 5K
"Happy Halloween" zooms up - 5K
"Happy Halloween" pops on - 2K
Floating ghost - 2K
Dancing "U S A" - 15K
Funny funky monkeys - 14K
Funky monkeys small - 13K
Phoenix bird on gray - 23K
Spinning globe yellow/green on gray - 3K
Spinning globe yellow/green on white - 3K
Globe blue/green on white - 3K
Globe blue/green on black - 3K
Magic Easter eggs - 11K
Magic Easter eggs spread out - 9K
Magic Easter eggs tight - 8K
Flower growing medium space - 3K
Flower tight - 3K
Flower growing, wide spacing - 3K
Earth turning medium space - 10K
Earth turning tight - 10K
Earth spread out - 10K
Star field moving up - 8K
Star field moving right - 8K
Stars moving left - 8K
Spinning shamrocks spread out - 2K
Spinning shamrocks medium space - 2K
Shamrocks tight - 3K
Shamrocks spin up medium space - 2K
Shamrocks spin up tight - 2K
Twinkling stars - 2K
Diamond Arrow - 4K
Write-on squiggle blue - 1K
Write-on squiggle gray - 1K
Squig blue-gold - 3K
Squig magenta-gold - 3K
Squig red-gold - 3K
Squig white-blue - 3K
Squig white-gold - 3K
Squig white-pink - 3K
Squig yellow-gold - 3K
Squiggle - 4K
Squiggle green-white - 4K
Squiggle white bg - 4K
Squiggle white-blue - 4K
Squiggle white-pink - 4K

Backgrounds with no animation

Champagne bottle spurts - 2K
Champagne bottle - 2K
Snowman - 2K
Standing clown 2K
Ducky 1K
Pancho Villa 5K
Indian chief 1K
Columbus and Indian - 6K
Mount Rushmore Presidents Day - 25K
Soccer ball - 1K
Funny flag character - 1K
Happy Presidents Day large - 7K
Happy Presidents Day small - 9K
Lincoln penny - 2K
Frog prince - 2K
Christopher Columbus with flag - 2K
Pink hearts - 1K
Kids holding hands - 3K
Baby Jesus - 2K
Ego pumpkin 2K
Columbus ship 3K
Columbus with a spyglass 4K
Statue of Liberty 2K
Baseball crying 2K
Basketball shot montage - 5K
Basketball shot small - 4K
Basketball double dunk large - 5K
Basketball double dunk small - 3K
Basketball swish - 2K
Basketball swish small - 2K
Doghouse - 2K
Easter Bunny in egg car wallpaper - 2K
Happy Easter wallpaper - 4K
Egg gets colored wallpaper montage - 3K
Irish ant - 3K
I love Grandpa - 3K
#1 Dad - 2K
Happy Father's Day - 4K
House flexing muscles - 2K
Bulldog - 1K
For sale sign - 1K
Holly - 1K
The corporate ladder - 3K
Contract man - 2K
Rosco in nightshirt, candle - 3K
Santa Claus face - 3K
Christmas tree - 2K
Tik tok alarm clock 2K
Walking turkeys 3K
Walking turkey 2K
"Happy Halloween" 2K
Jack-o-lantern 2K
Jack-o-lantern, Big smile 2K
Ghost cartoon 1K
Hot rod burns rubber - 4K
Burning rubber dark - 4K
Go kart - 5K
Stock car doing donuts - 5K
Doing donuts light - 5K
Football baby carriage - 2K
Go team! - 3K
Baseball kid - 3K
Football runningback - 3K
2 Football placeholders - 4K
2 Football placeholders dark - 3K
We are number 1 football - 2K
Fieldgoal - 4K
Soccer kick - 1K
Flaming motor head - 4K
USA wallpaper - 3K
US flag - 1K
Army tank - 2K
Graduate in cap amp; gown - 1K
Bookworm in apple - 2K
Boy picking flowers - 2K
Seasons greetings dove - 2K
Dove spread out - 2K
Ho ho ho Holly - 2K
Peace on Earth - 1K
Shamrock - 1K
Lady, chips & TV 4K
Bride and groom - 1K
Hungry cat 1K
Whoa! multi image - 8K
Dead bunny - 3K
Easter Bunny - 3K
Easter Bunny variation - 2K
Fishing in a boat - 5K
Bubbledood - 2K
Cake explodes in face - 2K
Flowers - 2K
Juggler - 6K
Leafy Wanders - 5K
Drippy dog 3K
Sneaky dude 7K
Steaming spam 4K
Zut 1K
Zut 6 pix 6K
Baseball blamm 1K
Baseball batter swinging 6K
Baseball - "Casey at the bomb" 7K
Baseball blammo, smoked 3K
Birthday candle 8K
Birthday candle 4K
Bobcat hangin' 3K
Bobcat 3K
"Duh" mirror weird 3K
"Duh" mirror 7K
Exploding Cigar 1K
Fly Surprise 7K
Fly's surprise 2K
Football placeholder 1K
Jack-o-lantern & Ghost 2K
Jack-o-lantern & Ghost small - 2K
Kid reading 3K
Love hurts faded - 3K
Love hurts 3K
Love hurts 5K
Santa jumping bold - 2K
Santa hot seat 2K
Santa jumping 2K
Shamrock bright - 1K
Shamrock 1K
Shamrock 2K
Shermluck Wanders 3K
Shermluck Wanders 3K
Smelly fish 3K
Smelly fish faded - 2K
Steaming spam 8K
Turkey slap 2K
Walking Irishman 2K
Walking Irishman bold 4K
Irishman bolder 6K
Irishman flipped 1K
Irishman JPEG 5K
Wolf walk 5K


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