Character Animation - Section 1

Indian Capital Technology Center

This course will introduce processes for the creation of TV quality character animation. Basic principles such as anticipation, follow-through, squash, stretch, extreme poses, in-betweens and character turnarounds will be discussed, all of which are necessary to create the illusion of life in both two-dimensional and 3D characters. Students will draw their own storyboard and then animate their short segment, gag or story. Computers with Blender, Maya and Opentoonz software and interactive pen tablets will be available for student use during class time.

ICTC Instructor Artie Romero has 40 years of screen credits for his work on movies, TV shows, commercials, games etc. He's the founder of ARG! Cartoon Animation Studio.

Beginners' tips for all types of animation:
  • 12 Principles of Animation - 24 minutes
  • How to Draw a Character Turnaround - 23 minutes
  • Adobe Animate cc (formerly Flash) animated cartoon demo by ARG! Cartoon Animation - 2 minutes
  • Character rigging and animation tutorials:
  • New! Using Shift and Trace to copy drawings - OpenToonz Tutorial by Darren T. - 13 minutes
  • Complete character set-up in OpenToonz - Rigging and animating a walk cycle - 32 minutes
  • How to make your first animation in Opentoonz - 21 minutes
  • Introduction to sub-xsheets Shows how to fold excess columns on an xsheet so they are out of your way. - 11 minutes
  • Skeleton Tool and Character Rigging Shows how to set up the pivots on each body part. - 17 minutes

  • Getting it onto any screen:
  • OpenToonz Tutorial 08: Exporting a GIF: A quick way to create a simple silent animation you can publish online - 7 minutes
  • Opentoonz tutorial: How to render an MP4: A video file format acceptable to TV, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. - 10 minutes
  • Get the FFMPEG file to render MP4s: Get the Opentoonz plugin

    Blender Resources

    Blender is the totally free and unrestricted, open source 3D creation suite. Yes, it is totally free! It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing and 2D animation pipeline.

    OpenToonz Tutorials & Other Resources

    Please study these important video tutorials. They cover the use of OpenToonz software and basic principles of character animation. If you have a computer at home, you should download and install OpenToonz, and follow along with the tutorials to establish basic knowledge of our primary production tool. Yes, this program is totally free!